17 Must-Bookmark Web Sites for Healthy Recipes

Sometimes, it’s hard for me to remember how I cooked before the Internet. Recipe websites are a great way to learn new recipes, figure out how to make a dish you’ve eaten in a restaurant, or just learn how to make your recipes a little healthier. Here are 17 recipe sites you’ll love for their healthy recipe resources.

  1. Food Network: This is the most popular recipe site on the web. It is the website of the Food Network on television and it offers and entire section dedicated to healthy recipes.
  2. Cooking Light: Cooking Light magazine is one of the most popular publications for healthy cooking enthusiasts. This is their website. It’s easy to search for all sorts of dishes, and you can be certain that their recipes are all designed to be healthy for you.
  3. Healthy Recipe: This website is completely devoted to light, healthy cooking. They feature low glycemic recipes, too.
  4. Spark Recipes: Spark People is one of the most popular weight loss websites on the net. They have an extensive recipe database, most of them low calorie and healthy.
  5. Eating Well: Eating Well’s recipe website focuses on food that is healthy and that tastes great.
  6. All Recipes: All Recipes is one of the biggest collections of recipes on the Internet. They offer a wide range of healthy choices.
  7. Taste of Home: Taste of Home magazine is known for offering home cooking style recipes. They also offer some very healthy alternatives to home cooking.
  8. Mayo Clinic: The Mayo Clinic site offers all sorts of resources for people trying to lose weight and get healthy, including lots of great recipes.
  9. Better Homes and Gardens: Better Homes and Gardens has been printing recipes in their magazines for years. They keep a wonderful collection on their site, including many that are very healthy.
  10. Bon Appetit: Bon Appetit is one of the world’s leading cooking magazines. They have a great site, and lots of the recipes there are healthy. They are known for creating some of the most delicious recipes you can prepare. Many of the recipes on this site will be elegant enough that you can prepare them for your next dinner party. They’ll taste great and be good for you.
  11. Prevention: Prevention is one of the country’s leading magazines on health. Their collection of recipes taste great and help you lose weight and stay healthy.
  12. Weight Watchers: Weight Watchers is one of the most successful weight loss programs in history. Their recipe collection is healthy and low calorie.
  13. My Recipes: My Recipes offers some great recipes of all sorts. One of my favorite features on this site is the recipe makeover, where you can find healthy alternatives to your favorite restaurant dishes.
  14. Epicurious: Epicurious is one of the very best recipe sites out there. Not all of their recipes are healthy, but they do have an entire section devoted to healthy cooking. They have a reputation for having some of the very best recipes and some of the most unique you can find.
  15. Laura’s Best Recipes: This is a great site, with tons of recipes. They have an entire section devoted to “light and healthy” meals.
  16. Best Healthy Recipes: This website is completely dedicated to healthy cooking. They have a large collection that includes appetizers, main dishes, salads, soups and even healthy desserts.
  17. Food and Wine: Food and Wine offers some of the best recipes on the web and in their magazine. Their database is easy to search. Type in the food you want, and then click on the “healthy” button before clicking the “search” button. This will ensure that all the recipes that appear in your search results are healthy versions.

Cooking healthy has never been easier. And, with so many resources for healthy cooking, you can ensure that you can find plenty of recipes that are both good for you and taste delicious. Because, after all, what good is a healthy recipe, if no one will eat it?

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