20 Enlightening YouTube Videos About Neonatal Nursing

Neonatal nursing is a growing field. It is one of the most critical areas of nursing, as many of a neonatal nurse’s patients require constant, round the clock vigilance in order to protect them. Neonatal nursing is not for everyone, since most patients are tiny babies born too early; many with little hope for survival. But, for those who can handle the stress and heartbreak that sometimes comes with this job, it can be extremely rewarding.

If you’re considering the neonatal nursing field, it is important that you understand exactly what it entails from both an educational and from an emotional standpoint. These twenty videos from YouTube should help you get a better idea of what it’s like to be a neonatal nurse.

  1. Neonatal Nurse: An overview of the requirements to be a neonatal nurse. Learn the educational requirements for this field.
  2. Cook Children’s NICU: Information about the Neo Natal Intensive Care Unit at Cook Children’s Hospital.
  3. T. Blair Neonatal Nursing: An informative video about neo natal nursing. Learn the requirements and expectations from neonatal nursing.
  4. How to Be a NeoNatal Nurse: Information on how to become a neo natal nurse. See the education and experience required to be a neonatal nurse.
  5. Small Is the New Big: This video covers the changes coming in neonatal nursing. The video comes from a national neonatal nursing conference. This is a great video to see the changes in the nursing field.
  6. When Baby Needs Extra Care: Information about NICU for parents.This video explains how the NICU works to parents who might be using the facility.
  7. The Littlest Junkie: Information about babies born drug addicted and how they are cared for in a neonatal unit. Working with drug addicted babies is one of the most heartbreaking parts of being a neonatal nurse. This video talks about the care of drug addicted babies.
  8. Newborn in Neonatal Unit: Get a closer look at a newborn in the neonatal unit being cared for by a neonatal nurse. This video gives you a good idea of the day to day duties of caring for an infant in the neonatal unit.
  9. Inside the NICU: Take a look inside the NICU at Healthpark Medical Center.
  10. Fighting for Life: Inside the NICU: A look at newborn babies in the NICU.
  11. Riley Hospital Tour: Get a look inside the NICU at Riley Hospital.
  12. Premature Birth: Get a better understanding of premature birth. Understand the common problems associated with being born too early, and the common things that go on with caring for these premature babies.
  13. NICU on Nurse TV: Info from nurses for nurses about the NICU.
  14. Saving Babies: Putting Hope in Place: A video about the March of Dimes NICU Support Program.
  15. Premature Baby’s First Few Minutes: See the first few minutes of a premature baby’s life. This enlightening video shows exactly what happens to a preemie in the first few minutes after birth.
  16. Saving Babies: In our Hands: A March of Dimes video about the NICU in a hospital in Memphis.
  17. Shiryu: This shows the youngest premature baby in the world who survived. This child is on record as the youngest premature baby to survive. See his story.
  18. Joey, The First 19 Months of a Premature Baby: Watch this preemie develop. This child’s parents have documented his development since his premature birth in a series of videos. This video shows his first 19 months of development.
  19. Preemie Mothers: Hear the mother of two preemies share her story.
  20. Miracle Premature Baby: See this miracle baby story. Stories like this one, of babies who survive, is what makes neonatal nursing so rewarding.

Neonatal nurses are a special breed. Their heart breaks with every family who loses a child, and they fight right along with babies and parents for the survival of these tiny patients. Neonatal nursing is a growing field for those who have the background and the dedication it takes to work in this very special field of nursing.

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