3 Free eBooks Every Neonatal Nurse Ought to Read

Neonatal nursing is known to be specific nursing practice of caring for newborn infants till the period of 28 days after the birth. Neo Natal nurses works in three categories first caring for either premature or ill newborns, for caring for newborns that cannot be treated in the other levels and are in need of high technology to survive.  Below is provided reference to some free e-books for Neonatal Nurses.

  1. Neonatal Intensive Care Nursing: It is a comprehensive, evidence based text for experienced nurses and midwives caring for sick newborn babies. This book is largely written for nurses and is written by nurses. It concentrates around common problems occurring around the neonatal intensive care unit.  The individual chapters of the book includes Advanced neonatal nursing practice,  developmentally focussed nursing care, resuscitation of the newborn, management of thermal stability, respiratory management, cardiovascular management, haemotological problems, nutritional management. Infection, pain and comfort. The book is clearly written by practising neonatal nurses and teachers and has a user-friendly glossary of terms that also involves case studies and exercises to promote critical thinking and decision-making.
  2. Maternal-Neonatal Nursing Made Incredibly Easy!: This second edition of the book is all about what a nurse need to know about optimal maternal-neonatal nursing care.  This entirely updated edition of the book latest and new information on bed rest, postpartum, depression, alternative therapies, substance abuse and complex psychological disorders. The book is written in an easy style and for easy of message delivering has used up numerous charts and illustrations, two four-page full-color inserts, humorous cartoons, icons emphasizing key information, memory joggers, and end-of-chapter quick quizzes. The book covers various issues related to neonatal health and care and covers fundamentals like legal issues, ethical issues, family planning, advantages and disadvantages to contraception methods; infertility; conception to labor; postpartum maternal and neonatal care and assessment and other things. It also shows up issues like   physiologic and psychologic adaptations to pregnancy, complications of labor and birth, complications of the postpartum period, and high-risk neonatal conditions.
  3. Maternal Neonatal nursing in a Flash: This free e-book published by Lippincott Williams & Williams is filled up with checklists, illustrations, diagrams, flowcharts and table is a handy reference for nurses dealing into maternal neonatal nursing.  The entire educational matter of this book has been divided into tabbed sections like Assessment,   laboratory values, troubleshooting equipment, drug administration, conversion formulas and flow rates. However, this book entirely is a very helpful for assessment to neo-natal nurse for the treatment of a kid.
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