Average Salary for Neonatal Nurse Practitioners

One of the best things about becoming a nurse practitioners is that it gives you the ability to specialize in the area of medicine that most interests you. Neonatal nursing is a specialty perfect for nurses who want to work with babies and their parents, and in this role, you could help with everything from the conception and birthing process to caring for babies with series health problems. Let’s take a look at the average salary you can expect if you decide to work in this field.

Average Nursing Salary

According to government reports, registered nurses make, on average, around $60,000 annually. This figure includes nurses at all education levels, including both registered nurses with associate/bachelor of science degrees and more advanced degrees. As a nurse practitioner, you can definitely expect to be on the high side of this average. Neonatal nurses, because they specialize in an area that requires strong communication skills as well as advanced medical training, make $89,000 on average, though a lot of factors affect what you can expect to earn in this career field. In some area, a six-figure salary as a neonatal nurse practitioner is definitely a possibility.

Make Money Money as a Neonatal Nurse Practitioner

If you want to earn a higher salary as a neonatal nurse practitioner, there are a few steps you can take to make that happen. First, location plays a role in the salary you’ll be offered. By working in a high-need area, you can make more money since nurses are in short supply. You can also make more money as a traveling nurse. In this role, you’ll travel the country to fill open positions where need is greatest on a temporary basis, until a long-term nurse can be hired. Lastly, certifications can help you command a higher salary. You’ll need to be certified as a nurse practitioner to work in your state, but you can also seek additional certifications relating to your specialty.

Neonatal Nurse Benefits

Along with salary, neonatal nurses typically are offered comprehensive benefits packages, including paid vacation days, health and dental coverage, and retirement plans. Many nurse practitioners also work odd schedules, which could be an advantages depending on your needs – you may work long 12-hour shifts or nights, but you could also can work a schedule conducive to raising a family.

Top Online Neonatal Nurse Practitioner Degrees

South University
Accelerated RN to MSN
Accel MSN: Adult Health
Accel MSN: Education

South University -- The South University MSN program trains registered nurses to the next level of nursing science. The program format allows nurses to pursue their education goals while continuing their career. The curriculum is designed to develop clinical teaching skills and modern research in the nursing field.

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University of Cincinnati
MSN: Clinical Nursing
MSN: Family Nursing
MSN: Nurse Midwifery
MSN: Women's Health

University of Cincinnati -- At the University of Cincinnati, students in the Nursing College may choose from a variety of advanced nursing programs. For example, the MSN in women's health reviews female medical conditions. The nurse administration, adult nursing, nurse midwifery, and family nursing programs teach the skills to apply treatment in these specific nursing fields.

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Kaplan University
MSN: Administration
MSN: Education

Kaplan University -- The Kaplan University Master of Science in Nursing programs in nurse administration and nurse education features a curriculum that is designed to allow for the exploration of the dynamic healthcare nursing environment. Courses include Advanced Nursing Roles, Theoretical Foundations of Advanced Nursing, and Health Promotion and Disease Prevention in a Diverse Community.

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Grand Canyon University
MSN: Education
MSN: Leadership
MSN/MBA: Leadership

Grand Canyon University -- The MSN - Nurse Education, MSN - Nurse Leadership, and MSN/MBA - Leadership degree programs from Grand Canyon University all are designed to provide current nurses with the tools they need to become leaders in their field. The curriculum features classes that both educate and engage.

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