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17 Must-Bookmark Web Sites for Healthy Recipes

Sometimes, it’s hard for me to remember how I cooked before the Internet. Recipe websites are a great way to learn new recipes, figure out how to make a dish you’ve eaten in a restaurant, or just learn how to make your recipes a little healthier. Here are 17 recipe sites you’ll love for their healthy recipe resources.

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Top 50 Blogs About Neonatal Care

Many people work in neonatal care because it provides opportunities to see the miracle of birth first hand, and help care for these precious infants. Neonatal care requires patience, and sometimes a sense of humor. It also requires a great deal of knowledge and compassion. The Internet is a great place to learn about neonatal care, as well as interact with other health care professionals involved in the field. If you are looking for more information about neonatal care, here are 50 great blogs that can help you find a new perspective:

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20 Enlightening YouTube Videos About Neonatal Nursing

Neonatal nursing is a growing field. It is one of the most critical areas of nursing, as many of a neonatal nurse’s patients require constant, round the clock vigilance in order to protect them. Neonatal nursing is not for everyone, since most patients are tiny babies born too early; many with little hope for survival. But, for those who can handle the stress and heartbreak that sometimes comes with this job, it can be extremely rewarding.

If you’re considering the neonatal nursing field, it is important that you understand exactly what it entails from both an educational and from an emotional standpoint. These twenty videos from YouTube should help you get a better idea of what it’s like to be a neonatal nurse.

  1. Neonatal Nurse: An overview of the requirements to be a neonatal nurse. Learn the educational requirements for this field.
  2. Cook Children’s NICU: Information about the Neo Natal Intensive Care Unit at Cook Children’s Hospital.
  3. T. Blair Neonatal Nursing: An informative video about neo natal nursing. Learn the requirements and expectations from neonatal nursing.
  4. How to Be a NeoNatal Nurse: Information on how to become a neo natal nurse. See the education and experience required to be a neonatal nurse.
  5. Small Is the New Big: This video covers the changes coming in neonatal nursing. The video comes from a national neonatal nursing conference. This is a great video to see the changes in the nursing field.
  6. When Baby Needs Extra Care: Information about NICU for parents.This video explains how the NICU works to parents who might be using the facility.
  7. The Littlest Junkie: Information about babies born drug addicted and how they are cared for in a neonatal unit. Working with drug addicted babies is one of the most heartbreaking parts of being a neonatal nurse. This video talks about the care of drug addicted babies.
  8. Newborn in Neonatal Unit: Get a closer look at a newborn in the neonatal unit being cared for by a neonatal nurse. This video gives you a good idea of the day to day duties of caring for an infant in the neonatal unit.
  9. Inside the NICU: Take a look inside the NICU at Healthpark Medical Center.
  10. Fighting for Life: Inside the NICU: A look at newborn babies in the NICU.
  11. Riley Hospital Tour: Get a look inside the NICU at Riley Hospital.
  12. Premature Birth: Get a better understanding of premature birth. Understand the common problems associated with being born too early, and the common things that go on with caring for these premature babies.
  13. NICU on Nurse TV: Info from nurses for nurses about the NICU.
  14. Saving Babies: Putting Hope in Place: A video about the March of Dimes NICU Support Program.
  15. Premature Baby’s First Few Minutes: See the first few minutes of a premature baby’s life. This enlightening video shows exactly what happens to a preemie in the first few minutes after birth.
  16. Saving Babies: In our Hands: A March of Dimes video about the NICU in a hospital in Memphis.
  17. Shiryu: This shows the youngest premature baby in the world who survived. This child is on record as the youngest premature baby to survive. See his story.
  18. Joey, The First 19 Months of a Premature Baby: Watch this preemie develop. This child’s parents have documented his development since his premature birth in a series of videos. This video shows his first 19 months of development.
  19. Preemie Mothers: Hear the mother of two preemies share her story.
  20. Miracle Premature Baby: See this miracle baby story. Stories like this one, of babies who survive, is what makes neonatal nursing so rewarding.

Neonatal nurses are a special breed. Their heart breaks with every family who loses a child, and they fight right along with babies and parents for the survival of these tiny patients. Neonatal nursing is a growing field for those who have the background and the dedication it takes to work in this very special field of nursing.

3 Free eBooks Every Neonatal Nurse Ought to Read

Neonatal nursing is known to be specific nursing practice of caring for newborn infants till the period of 28 days after the birth. Neo Natal nurses works in three categories first caring for either premature or ill newborns, for caring for newborns that cannot be treated in the other levels and are in need of high technology to survive.  Below is provided reference to some free e-books for Neonatal Nurses.

  1. Neonatal Intensive Care Nursing: It is a comprehensive, evidence based text for experienced nurses and midwives caring for sick newborn babies. This book is largely written for nurses and is written by nurses. It concentrates around common problems occurring around the neonatal intensive care unit.  The individual chapters of the book includes Advanced neonatal nursing practice,  developmentally focussed nursing care, resuscitation of the newborn, management of thermal stability, respiratory management, cardiovascular management, haemotological problems, nutritional management. Infection, pain and comfort. The book is clearly written by practising neonatal nurses and teachers and has a user-friendly glossary of terms that also involves case studies and exercises to promote critical thinking and decision-making.
  2. Maternal-Neonatal Nursing Made Incredibly Easy!: This second edition of the book is all about what a nurse need to know about optimal maternal-neonatal nursing care.  This entirely updated edition of the book latest and new information on bed rest, postpartum, depression, alternative therapies, substance abuse and complex psychological disorders. The book is written in an easy style and for easy of message delivering has used up numerous charts and illustrations, two four-page full-color inserts, humorous cartoons, icons emphasizing key information, memory joggers, and end-of-chapter quick quizzes. The book covers various issues related to neonatal health and care and covers fundamentals like legal issues, ethical issues, family planning, advantages and disadvantages to contraception methods; infertility; conception to labor; postpartum maternal and neonatal care and assessment and other things. It also shows up issues like   physiologic and psychologic adaptations to pregnancy, complications of labor and birth, complications of the postpartum period, and high-risk neonatal conditions.
  3. Maternal Neonatal nursing in a Flash: This free e-book published by Lippincott Williams & Williams is filled up with checklists, illustrations, diagrams, flowcharts and table is a handy reference for nurses dealing into maternal neonatal nursing.  The entire educational matter of this book has been divided into tabbed sections like Assessment,   laboratory values, troubleshooting equipment, drug administration, conversion formulas and flow rates. However, this book entirely is a very helpful for assessment to neo-natal nurse for the treatment of a kid.

5 Most Famous 'Preemie' Newborns in History

As for humans, premature child is refers to the birth and condition of birth of baby lesser than 37 weeks gestational age. The cause for preterm birth happens to many reasons and causes like development of preterm birth, making the reduction of preterm birth in a challenging proposition. Premature birth, commonly used as a synonym for preterm birth, is termed to the birth of baby before its organs become mature enough to have normal postnatal survival and growth and development as a child. There are many children in the world who have become famous due to their premature birth among those who are especially looked upon as the smallest and youngest infants to ever survive.

  1. Albert Einstein: Albert Einstein is a noted scientist known for his contributions to math and science. He had a premature birth in Germany in March of 1879. He apart from a scientist is being respected as a theoretical physicist, philosopher ands author who is normally known and referred as father of modern physics. He received the 1921 Noble Prize in Physics “”for his services to Theoretical Physics, and especially for his discovery of the law of the photoelectric effect.”
  2. Stevie Wonder: Famous American singer Stevie Wonder became blind when he was an infant due to a medical condition attributed as retinopathy of prematurity. This condition is been understood to be a common phenomenon among preemies and takes place at when the blood vessels at the back of the eyes are fully developed and remains detach from the retinas. Though despite that Wonder successfully thrived and his dark sunglasses became part of his personality as a professional musician.
  3. Sir Winston Churchill: No needs to be introduced by any mean or measure, he was the former prime minister of England, who was born two months premature was a preemie.  His reputation as a British premier is  revered due to his  outstanding leadership during the World War II  He is considered as the great wartime leaders and is only British Prime minister to have won the Nobel Prize in Literature.   I
  4. Victor Hugo: He was a great French novelist, most famous for creating the wildly successful Les Miserables, and was a preemie 1802. Apart from novelist he was a poet, playwright, essayist, visual artist, statesman, human rights activist and exponent of the Romantic Movement in France.
  5. Charles Wesley: He was a leader of the Methodist church and noted writer of many hymns, Wesley was born two months early in England. It has been said about him that he was tightly wrapped around in wool till the date he was to be delivered as a measure to preserve his life.

Neonatal Nurse Practitioner Programs

Neonatal nurse practitioners perform the work of taking care of ill infants in their earliest stages of mundane existence. Neonatal nurse practitioner programs are offered by various universities that instill skills and background medical knowledge to every nurse to work in the many infant’s wards and health facilities of public and private hospitals.

Loma Linda University in California is dedicated to all students with deep interest in the field of neonatal nursing and general nursing practices. The School of Nursing targets students from diverse societies and minority groups. The program foresees the need to educate them on child welfare and maternal health matters that are to be found in the very fabric of their poor backgrounds. The neonatal nurse practitioner program in this University is offered at the master’s degree level. The main focus for nurses pursuing this subject is in neonatal critical care nurse practitioner. These students, together with Clinical Nurse Specialists have the prerogative to attend to real life practice while still learning.

The Rush University in Illinois Nursing School offers among other related programs the neonatal program for the nurse practitioner. The course gives priority to the study of the science of behavior as well as real practice of the career by giving the practitioner access to hospitals where they can examine and understand the patient firsthand. The neonatal nurse practitioner program at this University can run part time or full time. Practitioners can also access the on line course that is modeled to fit the qualities of the on-campus program.

The University Of Missouri’s School of Nursing offers the Pre-licensure BSN Program which incorporates the neonatal nurse practitioner program aimed at giving the student experience at the working level when schooling. The course is available for students pursuing their master’s degrees. The program can be campus based or accessible on line. The e-learning programs are given three to four days of the week during the complete duration of practical study. Creighton University in Nebraska also provides this program for students working on the Masters of Science degree. The work that the neonatal nurse practitioner is supposed to fulfill under this program is to learn and utilize background medical knowledge when attending and handling infants at advanced stages of illness.

Two Universities in the New York state that offer neonatal nurse practitioner programs through their respective Schools of Nursing include Columbia University and Rochester University. The programs enable the nurses to specialize on infant health even with their master’s level credit equivalent from another educational institution rather than having to complete another master’s degree. Other programs are offered in Ohio’s Case Western Reserve University and University of Pennsylvania that provide courses on a part time or full time basis.