Top 50 Blogs About Neonatal Care

Many people work in neonatal care because it provides opportunities to see the miracle of birth first hand, and help care for these precious infants. Neonatal care requires patience, and sometimes a sense of humor. It also requires a great deal of knowledge and compassion. The Internet is a great place to learn about neonatal care, as well as interact with other health care professionals involved in the field. If you are looking for more information about neonatal care, here are 50 great blogs that can help you find a new perspective:

Information & Advice

These neonatal care blogs offer information on care, as well as good advice. You can learn a lot from these informative posts.

  1. Pregnancy & Baby: This blog from She Knows offers helpful information on a variety of topics related to pregnancy and neonatal care.
  2. Newborn and Baby Care: Helpful information from Web MD about taking care of your new baby.
  3. Newborn Baby Blog: Learn about different aspects of baby care, and see helpful tips.
  4. The New Born Baby: This blog is written by a lactation consultant who provides tips and helpful information about breastfeeding.
  5. Our Bodies Our Blog: A great blog about women’s health in general, including pregnancy and what comes after.
  6. Science & Sensibility: Learn about healthy pregnancy and birth, as well as other issues.
  7. Woman to Woman Childbirth Education: Learn more about childbirth and your options.
  8. The Unnecesarean: This blog is about Cesarean sections and how you can avoid them.

Labor & Delivery Medical Professionals

Medical professionals, including doctors, nurses and nurse practitioners can often offer great insight and help. Here are some blogs by labor and delivery specialists, as well as some by ob-gyns.

  1. Ob/Gyn Kenobi: A great blog from a professional who knows all about delivery and neonatal care.
  2. Stork Stories: Learn about birth and breastfeeding. An interesting look at birth.
  3. Delivery_Queen’s Weblog: Great perspective on birth and life from a former labor and delivery nurse.
  4. At Your Cervix: One of the best neonatal care blogs out there, written by a labor and delivery nurse.
  5. NeoNurseChic: Interesting insight from this neonatal nurse. You do need to get permission to read it.
  6. Birthday Nurse: This nurse offers information about labor and delivery and care.
  7. The Skeptical OB: Get an inside view of neonatal care and other issues from this obstetrician gynecologist.
  8. Life and Times of an L&D Nurse: This labor and delivery nurse offers insight into what happens inside the delivery room.
  9. 10 centimeters and beyond: This nurse offers a look at life in the delivery.

Midwives and Doulas

Midwives and doulas also have a great deal of knowledge related to childbirth and neonatal care. These blogs provide great stories and insights.

  1. The Midwives of Bethan Womens Healthcare: A great blog by a group of midwives at this health care center.
  2. Bloody Show: This midwife offers a sassy look at birth and how it fits in our society.
  3. Hands for Catching: Learn more about birth, nurse-midwifery and neonatal care.
  4. Bellies and Babies: This doula and apprentice midwife offers insights into birth and life.
  5. Radical Doula: Offers a look at birth, neonatal care and life.
  6. Midwife Connection: Issues related to birth, neonatal care and more from the American College of Nurse-Midwives.
  7. A Midewife’s Memories: This certified nurse-midwife offers insight on life, and shares stories of her life.
  8. Navelgazing Widwife: A look at life as a midwife, as well addressing issues of childbirth and care.
  9. Inspired Birth Professionals: A great blog about birth, care and also about running your own business as a birth professional.


These blogs focus on what happens in the neonatal intensive care unit. A look at difficult situations and support for getting through.

  1. NICU Parent Support Blog: A helpful blog with tips for parents looking for insight into NICU neonatal care.
  2. Adventures in Juggling: This NICU nurse shares stories from intensive care, as well as sharing insights on life in general.
  3. Preemie Babies 101: A blog that provides insight and help regarding neonatal care for preemies.
  4. Blog of a Wife, Nurse & Twin Mom: An interesting blog from a mom who is a NICU nurse. Great insights into multiples care as well.
  5. Tiggers don’t Jump: If you are interested in what goes on at night, this is a great blog to read. This NICU nurse offers insights into the night shift of neonatal care.
  6. L’il Aussie Preemies: A great blog that offers insights into preemies, with an emphasis on Australian neonatal care.
  7. NICU Blog: Baptist Health System offers this great blog about the NICU department.
  8. Uncompromised Airways: A look at life in the NICU, as well as life in general. Great information on neonatal care, and more.

Twins & Multiples

If you have twins or other multiples, it can help to get some perspective and advice from others who have done the same thing. These great blogs will help you get a handle on neonatal care in these situations.

  1. Twins & Multiples: Learn about caring for twins and multiples.
  2. Multiples and More: Insight into parenting multiples. Great tips and reviews.
  3. How Do You Do It?: Get great tips on neonatal — and beyond — when it comes to multiples.
  4. Raising Twins Blog: Tips, helpful insights and great information related to raising twins.
  5. Trying for Baby…And Got Two!: Learn more about twins, and get helpful tips on neonatal care and parenting.
  6. 4Tunate: Get interesting insights and tips from these parents of quadruplets.
  7. The Quadfather: Great insights on multiples. You need permission to read, though.
  8. Takin’ Care of Twins: Helpful look at parenting twins.

Postpartum Depression

Sometimes we forget that mom may need some neonatal care, too. These blogs focus on different aspects of postpartum depression, aimed at helping parents approach the situation in a healthy manner.

  1. Postpartum Progress: A great resource to help you overcome depression after giving birth.
  2. PPD Survivor: A look at working through postpartum depression and information that can be helpful in living healthy.
  3. My Postpartum Voice: Help for those suffering from postpartum depression.
  4. Elaine Hanzak’s blog on postnatal issues: Find out about different postnatal issues, and how you can care for yourself so you can care for your baby.
  5. Beyond Postpartum: Find support and help with your postnatal issues.
  6. The Postpartum Stress Center: News, information and support for those suffering from PPD.
  7. MGH Center for Women’s Mental Health: This is a blog from Massachusetts General Hospital that can help women retain their mental health.
  8. Postpartum Men: Men can suffer from postpartum depression as well. This is a great resource.
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